Urban Retreat offers a large variety of massage and facial services. Please call your local Urban Retreat for all services.

NOTE That the "start at" prices are for monthly memberships - Non-member prices start at about $10 more. Check on becoming a member to get these low prices.
Swedish Massage
starting at $45.00 per hour
This massage targets circulation by increasing oxygenation in the bloodstream, which assists in flushing out toxic debris. A build up of toxins can impair muscle health, making you feel stiff and tired.
An Hour and a Half Massage
starting at $65.00
Perfect for centering in on problem areas (your back or feet). This is the basic one hour massage with anothe half hour to target the particular problem areas. Highly recomended for anyone who sits or stands a lot.
Two Hour Massage
starting at $90.00
For the extreme experience in relaxation.
Add Deep Pressure
starting at $10.00 per hour
Employs very firm pressure all over the body, thereby allowing you to incorporate different styles and techniques within your massage experience. *Recommended for athletes and runners.
European Facials and 1 Hour Massage
starting at $110.00
Get the best of both worlds when you cleanse and detoxify your face and treat your body! After a few hours at the URBAN RETREAT, you will emerge looking and feeling like you've pampered yourself the entire day! Your skin will glow and your refreshed body will thank you. The European facial is combined with a 1 hour massage for an unbelievably great price. This also makes a great gift!
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Hypnosis is a wonderful and effective tool to change your negative behavior patterns and habits and it also provides you with tools to be more successful.
Call your local Urban Retreats Day Spa for more details on services and pricing.