What is a Day Spa?

Todayís Day Spa's are a very far cry from the "massage parlors" of the past. Today every A+ Hotel and resort will have a Massage and Day Spa center. The New Day Spaís are a place to concentrate on looking and feeling good from the inside out.

Urban Retreat is dedicated to achieving the relaxation that you deserve, overcoming the daily stress suffered by you in your day-to-day work. Specializing in Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, Urban Retreats Day Spa targets a positive stress free outlook through Massage, Facials and Estheticians, Scrubs,Wraps and Chiropractic Care.

You will strip away the cares while our therapists and esthetisians steps outside allowing you to replace your clothes with a drape of relaxation before your treatment begins. During your treatment you will be draped to protect your privacy. Donít feel obligated to make conversation with your therapist. Do communicate any discomfort, special needs or questions. Itís just that easy.